Kennedy and Queen, needs a little TLC.

Centre street, within view of where Peel Memorial hospital sits boarded up, unused.



Old house on Centre street near Church street.

Good ol' Kit-Kat store.

More ugly appartment buildings.

Shot right outside of "Crack Time" or "Coffee time" on Kennedy.

"You've never had Sunny's?!?!" Seriously go try one of these guys' burgers. Been around in Brampton, its become a legend.

The "HOJO", as a bloody past. A long time ago, it was under a different name, and was notorious for murder scenes.

These stickers are plastered all around the area.

Best shot of the bunch. I asked him if he wanted to take a picture, he didn't speak english, so I getured with my camera that I wanted to take a picture. He shook his head and walked away, about five seconds later he ran back and gestured me to take the picture.This is a common scene in the area.

You get the point.

This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't around every corner and in between every parking lot.

Shot from Kennedy Road.

Shot on Kennedy Road.

A familiar shot?

Believe it or not, five feet to the left of the wood fence on the left, is Clarence Street.

Shot from Kennedy Road

More garbage.

Yup. Lots of garbage.

Yeah... That looks safe.

Kids plaing around a broken fence.

And... More garbage